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Landing Better Leads With®

In the following interview, Kevin Leatherman, broker/owner of Leatherman Homes in Nassau County, N.Y., talks about thriving as an independent firm, landing better online leads and the importance of [...]

Would You Play Pretend Neighbors With These TV Characters?

Good neighbors are hard to find—unless you live near your favorite fictional star. Which character on the small screen is the most sought-after in 2018? The best on the [...]

Borrowers Beware: These Mortgage Rules Could Soon Get a Facelift

(TNS)—Getting a mortgage today is much different than it was before the financial crisis. Loans have to meet certain standards and there are many rules lenders and servicers have [...]

Tax Reform: Here’s What Could Impact Homeowners Most

A new year has started, and with it a newly enacted tax policy: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While most changes will not be noticeable until consumers file [...]

One Size Does Not Fit All: Excelling in the Home Warranty Market

In the following interview, Tim Haynes, president of American Home Shield® (AHS®), talks about meeting the unique needs of today’s consumer, improving the customer experience, and how one size [...]

Market Trends, and Your Big Opportunity in 2018

As a student of history and the markets, I believe the real estate industry is the healthiest it’s been in more than three decades. Although sales and home prices [...]

Send an RPR Mobile™ Report and Earn With MVP

NAR PULSE—Generate an RPR Mobile™ Mini Property Report via your iOS or Android device between now and Jan. 15 to earn a technology trends download from the REALTOR® Store [...]

Zillow: Gains in Housing Now Make It Worth $31.8 Trillion

A banner year. Another $2 trillion was added to the housing market in 2017, brought to a collective $31.8 trillion, according to a recently released report by Zillow. On [...]

Millennials and the Silent Gen Agree: Walkability Wins

Millennials are not the only generation preferring proximity to restaurants and retail. Americans born between the mid-1920s up until 1945—the “Silent Generation”—are also on the lookout for walkability. Fifty-five [...]

Report: Cohabitating Increasingly Popular

Solo living is becoming more difficult for younger generations, especially for millennials who are struggling to afford rising home prices if they are burdened with student loan debt. And [...]